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"Whoever controls the media, controls reality" -- Peter Jennings
We, the American people, own the broadcast frequencies utilized by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS. 

The Problem:
The overwhelming influence of one political party over the dominant, publicly owned broadcast frequency networks results in profound omission, prevarication and deception in their news and round-the-clock programming. This 'one party' bias within America's dominant broadcast media, and the ripple effect across all media, undermines opposing views and dissenting voices, deterring a free, open and just society.

America's health and future depends on an honest objective press that is not dominated, controlled or bound to one party.

ABC, CBS, NBC broadcast television and radio control the majority of public opinion by virtue of their singular ubiquitous repetitive message continuously reaching upwards of 95% of the American people. Whereas no other single media reaches more than 15% of the American public, the Democrat monopoly of ABC, CBS, NBC and their resulting influence over the majority of voters is virtually unassailable and fundamentally dangerous to American society.

Enough is enough.

The Solution:
We, the American people, hereby demand that our publicly owned broadcast media, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS be placed under the editorial control of we, the citizens of America and owners of the broadcast frequencies.

All willing and able citizens should decide what is fair, accurate and acceptable for broadcast to us, the American people, over our broadcast frequencies. No one political party, no ruling oligopoly, no handful of corporate moguls without regard to cultural damage, should decide what is broadcast over publicly owned, government licensed, legacy advantaged, broadcast networks.

With equal balance and full disclosure, each of the five dominant broadcast networks should be directed by five vast consortia of all willing and able individuals and organizations from across all political segments of society, providing a balanced and de-centralized media, whereby America's vast population and fundamental values are fairly, openly and honestly represented.

Congress has divested many unhealthy monopolies with profoundly successful results for the American people, including: AT&T, Standard Oil, etc.

Our Proposal:
Congress to require that as a condition of the FCC issued license to broadcast over our publicly owned networks, that all networks be subject to vast public editorial boards comprised of all willing and able citizens with full and open disclosure of the political positions of all board members and all employees of the networks so that all citizens can make better, more informed decisions about what, and to whom, they listen and watch.

Problem solved with one simple act.

One-party, one-voice dominant broadcast media is now a national crisis.

Join us to end the Democrat monopoly over America's dominant broadcast media.
Return control of our networks to us, the America people.

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At 2:22 of the video, Pat Caddell, October 27, 2012 on FOX News:

"...they (Democrat controlled ABC, CBS, NBC) have become a threat, a fundamental threat to American democracy, and the enemies of the American people..."

     -- Pat Caddell, Democrat, American Patriot